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Scam Chicken Sandwich

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A very convincing fake chicken sandwich where we only had to sacrifice soybeans. Comes with our famous "chicken skin cracker" made out of equally crispy tofu.

Since we cook this in the same fryer as the chicken, this is not for vegans. The tofu patty is made the same way we make our chicken breast patty.  It's perfect for those who want to cut back on meat.

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Scam Chicken SandwichScam Chicken Sandwich Scam Chicken Sandwich

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Customer Reviews

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Shay R.
Cheat-day friendly

INSANITY IN A SANDWICH. It's not chicken, but it's just as good! Tried this with my friend who got the OG chicken sandwich and even though both are clear 5 stars, this one feels healthier and cleaner. Will def get on my next cheat day because even if it feels like im cheating, it's for sure a lot less than other super unhealthy chicken sandwiches. Yummy tip: ask for the lychee pineapple sauce. Great dip!


ok so we're avid fans of the OG chicken sandwich and i was a bit hesitant to try this. when i ordered, I had my dad try it out first (without telling him it's not the OG) and he didn't have any weird reaction. It was just like he's eating the OG so this is definitely a scam haha! It's as good as the OG and even the chicken skin is a scam! I really thought it's still chicken skin, but apparently, it's "tofu skin" huhu at least i feel "healthIER" when i eat this lol

Deathdroppingly SPECTACULAR

Got this while walking around BGC and was intrigued because I was told it tastes like airfried chicken :0 tried it myself and I agree. It tastes like airfried chicken if airfried chicken was in her Born This Way ultimate yassification era. IT IS A CHICKEN SANDWICH ON CRACK! Literally, it has extra chicken (tofu) skin that CRACKS. I want to cry every time i think of Her.

tastes like chicken nuggets

havent tried the OG but i know what chicken tastes like so i was really shocked when this resembled chicken nuggets to me 😆 no trace of tofu at all and sobrang on point ng flavors.

diet wrecker

Been trying to lose some pandemic weight by fixing my eating habits. Because this was made of tofu, I was expecting it to be a light meal but noooo. Reheated this up for a bit in the oven and was honestly really full by the time i finished. Super worth the calories becasue you don't feeel like you're missing out on anything at all. Everything in this packs a punch and is flavorful as a whole 🍔

Can't believe it's not chicken!

Was told by a vegetarian family member that this sandwich is too good and tastes like real chicken despite being made from tofu. Tried it myself and was very impressed. It's very filling, and goes extremely well with the fried pickles. Gotta give credit where credit is due. Easy 10/10.

CRISPY... a little too crispy...

I always order this in chemical and I really love it. I'm a big fan of the OG Chicken sandwich, but sometimes I try to be healthy and order the scam version instead. So the crispy tofu skin on this.... LOVE IT! 😍 but sometimes I think it can get a liiiittle too crispy and it kind of hurts my teeth a bit, but the flavor of the skin is so delicious I keep eating it anyway... Hope they can make the crispy tofu skin a bit thinner next time so it doesn't end up too hard.

C.L. Manok

Ang galing! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Full flavor, nothing lacking. Crispy, chewy. Tofu pero hindi nakakaantok na tofu. Dito na kayo sa scammer na ‘to.

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