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Fowlbread Deluxe Chicken Sandwich

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Once upon a time when chicken sandwiches were not cool, and all you could do was swipe right for a sad Zinger or a very short extra long sandwich from BK, Fowlbread's chicken sandwich was born.

Our famous crispy chicken skin cracker (so hard to make!), large chicken breast patty, house-made pickles, and magic Fowlbread sauce. Everyone with taste and P300 in their pockets agrees this sandwich is one of a kind.

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Fowlbread Deluxe Chicken SandwichFowlbread Deluxe Chicken SandwichFowlbread Deluxe Chicken Sandwich

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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Ana Briones
Love it!

This is my favorite chicken sandwich in the world, hands-down! I've had chicken burgers all over but I just come back to this one. Love the crispy chicken skin, it adds so much flavor and texture to the burger. Thinking about this makes me crave right now!

so crispy

hats off to fowlbread/eatlowbrow. this chicken sandwich is one of a kind! Never had anything like it. Crispy and delicious.

Elyssa V
It's a 10 for me!

Even with the long distance the food was delivered in good condition which I really appreciated :) the scam chicken sandwich tasted good too! not dry at all 💯 Will definitely try the OG chicken sandwich next time. Thanks!

Love it! Love the attentiveness of the staff too! <3

My tita convinced me to try out this sandwich today. My family really enjoyed the OG sandwich, I really liked the tofu version too. We ordered quite a lot of items, and I really appreciate the staff replying to my messages quickly. My kids are really picky eaters, so I asked the staff to remove some of the pickles and set aside the sauces for some of the sandwiches. I felt kind of bad for my excessive instructions, but the staff remained polite and delivered everything perfectly! 10/10 rating :)


I'd eat this everyday if I could. That's all I have to say.

Kidding, I actually have a lot to say about this GLORIOUS sandwich.

I don't usually prefer chicken breast since it almost always ends up being too dry but I was surprised by how juicy this was. Guys, it was SO JUICY. The chicken fillet and skin cracker (which adds such a great texture and flavor to the sandwich) stayed crunchy despite an hour of delivery, and the pickles. THE PICKLES!!!! Please sell me a jar of those pickles because they are freakin good - I'll probably dream about it tonight. Oh, and packaging is A+.

BRB gonna tell my fam about it so they can make me libre


Medyo hesitant ako nung una bilhin 'to kasi mahal siya compared sa ibang chicken sandwiches na nabibili ko. Pero lahat ng kakilala kong naka-try nagsasabi worth it naman daw sa sobrang expensive ng lasa. Tama nga sila!! Sa pickles pa lang, alam mong prinepare nang maayos. Yung crispy chicken skin pa! Masama sa cholesterol pero ngayon lang ako nakakain ng chicken sandwich na may ganon. QUALITY talaga dito sa Fowlbread!!

late delivery but still ok

normally i'd give this maybe a 4-5 when i'd dine in, but unfortunately my delivery was quite late. about 25 minutes to be exact. although i understand it was because of the rain, i was not mad. i was just kind of sad that my sandwich got cold. it was still good, just wish it was hot and fresh. i only saw their reheating guide after finishing the sandwich. hoping for a better experience next time.

Zinj Ludovica
10/10 (no surprises there!)

The meal was 10/10 (no surprises there) but the service was 100/10 (no surprises there either).

I got the Fowlbread's OG chicken sandwiches for my not-so-baby-brother's birthday salubong midnight snack. I was able to order courtesy of Vee pulling some strings and we were able to enjoy our sandwiches in peak condition due to the crew accomodating my request to have the sauce and pickles on the side.

My brother and I aren't new to Lowbrow magic but we had the pleasure of introducing my 3 cousins to the OG chicken sandwich. They loved it (again, no surprises there) and proclaimed yours the best chicken sandwiches they've ever had. To put their praise into perspective, those boys always have some type of critique when it comes to food (and yes, kahit sa luto ng nanay nila).

Thank you Vee, frens at Fowlbread, and Lowbrow team!

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