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Delivery info
  • Makati
    San Juan
    Quezon City
Hours: 11:30am–8:00pm
  • Bad Bird

    Umami fried chicken
  • Fowlbread

    The best fried chicken sandwich in Manila
  • Beefier

    Old-fashioned burgers and beef specialties
  • Flowerboy

    Not-so-authentic Thai and Filipino specialties

Smoked Beef Lechon Sandwich

Thin slices of roast beef smoked in-house sitting pretty in between crusty sourdough.
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"One of the best chicken sandwiches I've ever tasted!"

Drew Arellano
Fowlbread's OG Fried Chicken Sandwich
"The best food, the best customer service and the most hilarious after-sales email convos."
Cybele Javier-Manlapaz
"idk if every other fried chicken sandwich in manila rly just sucks or if they all just pale in comparison to the undisputed king fowlbread."
Billy Atienza
"This is one of the best fried chicken dishes you can get. A personal fave!"
Janine Gutierrez

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