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We need your help more than ever. With 80% of our livelihood gone overnight, we don’t have enough to support our staff and their families. Here, we lined up great deals that you can buy to support the people who’ve worked to serve you all these years. Read more: A note from our CEO.

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All rewards will be available for claiming after the quarantine. More info below.

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P500 Universal GCs

Free Gratitude

No account needed for credit cards.



P2,000 Universal GCs

Free 1 Shirt

No account needed for credit cards.



P3,500 + P1,000 Bonus

Free 2 Shirts

No account needed for credit cards.



P5,000 + P2,000 Bonus

Free 3 Shirts

No account needed for credit cards.



P15,000 + P10,000 Bonus

Free 4 Shirts

Free Limited Tote

No account needed for credit cards.

Get These Exclusive Rewards

Get these free with the corresponding GC purchases above.

Lowbrow Team Member

100% Cotton

Available in S/M/L

Bad Bird Pritong Manoque

100% Cotton

Available in S/M/L

Fowlbread Support Group

100% Cotton

Available in S/M/L

BBX Chicken Dancing Birbs

100% Cotton

Available in S/M/L

Lowbrow Neon Sundown Tote

100% Thick Canvas

Only 10 in stock

Read Before You Buy

Since our suppliers are not operational, we will only start producing both the gift certificates and shirts after the quarantine.

We expect the gift certificates to be available for claiming about 30–45 days after the quarantine is lifted. For the shirts, please expect about 60–75 days.

Both the shirts and the GCs can be claimed in the restaurant.

Right after your purchase, we will send you an email with instructions. If you’d like to follow-up, you can do so via hello@eatlowbrow.com.

  • These special Universal GCs can be used in all of our restaurants: Bad Bird, Fowlbread, BBX, Flowerboy, and Beefier.
  • GCs do not expire.
  • GCs cannot be used together with any other promos, discounts, or special offers.
  • For dine-in only.
  • Change will not be given for GC payments.

We’ll send you an email to confirm your purchase.

We didn’t have the time to create an automated system so you’ll receive a manually written email from a human being. It may take some time. 😀

Yes, but they’re subject to availability since we’ll only produce 30 of each.

When you order, please indicate your top 3 choices for the shirts and your 2 preferred size choices.

Make sure you buy as early as you can to secure your top choice! 🏍️

Absolutely. Here are our bank details for deposit:

BDO Rockwell, Powerplant
Lowbrow Food Management Corp

Since it’s not an automated process, make sure to send us an email together with your purchase. Please send it to shop@eatlowbrow.com.