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Umami Fried Chicken Box + Rice Combo

Bad Bird
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Get 6pcs of Bad Bird's award-winning Umami Fried Chicken with rice and sides of your choice— and save up to 20% off.

  • Crispy skin that actually stays crispy
  • Huge thigh and leg cuts
  • Incomparable umami flavor

Good for 3-4 people!

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Umami Fried Chicken Box + Rice ComboUmami Fried Chicken Box + Rice ComboUmami Fried Chicken Box + Rice ComboUmami Fried Chicken Box + Rice ComboUmami Fried Chicken Box + Rice ComboUmami Fried Chicken Box + Rice ComboUmami Fried Chicken Box + Rice Combo

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Andie Bernas

no words... i'm just so happy rn. this is really the best fried chicken in manila and i'm glad y'all are running this promo so i can get it more often w/o my wallet screaming

more power to bad bird!


I get this dish at least once a month because it's so good! Would love eating out here with my friends too even before the pandemic. Ordered some for delivery and the chicken was good as always and the balat was umami filled of course. 👌 The meat was mostly cooked but sliiiightly pink near the bone, not a big deal though and was still really delicious.


First, I wanna just say the sweet potato chips with that citrus mayo is perfection. okay now on to my fried chicken review, if you're a first timer the price of the fried chicken is kind of overwhelming. but once you see how big the serving size actually is, and once you taste this fried deliciousness you'll just find yourself coming back for more. 👅

Craving for this

Guys no joke pero natulala kami sa sarap. Expected it to be good but not this good?? Plus points din na crispy pa rin siya after delivery and on time dumating. Perfect talaga for get togethers and parties

Worth the hunger!

Ordered this when I was super hungry after a morning shift and was not disappointed! It arrived a little late but It's okay though because the customer service handled the situation right away and sent me a new box of 6 (so I got way more chicken than I asked for!). Super good, it's crispy and the spices really give it a unique flavor. Plus points for the great service!

This chicken and cheese corn = BEST COMBO

My mom brought this home on the day my partner broke up with me. I had been able to hold back tears, but no joke, when I had this with the cheese corn it was so good it triggered my tears to finally come out. Clearly that scene was not normal but now this chicken reminds me of the only thing that made me happy that day. I had this again yesterday for the first time since that breakup 6 months ago and now I just laugh at myself over how dramatic I was. Lovers leave, but chicken will always be there for you <3

My family's new fave

Family loves it!! My kids are always asking for fried chicken, so we decided to try out Bad Bird. The umami fried chicken did not disappoint! I'm really surprised my kids like fried chicken that isn't from jollibee or kfc. 😂

Perfect cheat meal

It's hard to follow a strict diet when great fried chicken exists!! Just thinking about this fried chicken makes me want to break my diet. I always have the umami fried chicken as a cheat meal, because lets be real, fried chicken (with rice and extra gravy) is the best cheat meal ever.

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