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Jumbo Blue Crab Omelette

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FYI we don't make a lot of money on this dish. You have told us many times how expensive our crab omelette is. But please understand, ~7 WHOLE CRABS were taken away from their families and murdered so they can be stuffed in this delicious omelette.

We cook the egg with a mix of flours, on high heat, to achieve a texture that's somewhere between Vietnamese crepe and crispy Thai omelette. To serve, we squeeze with lime and dip in our green chili sauce.

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Jumbo Blue Crab OmeletteJumbo Blue Crab Omelette

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Always a 10!

The Crab Omelette is an ultimate winner! I've always been tempted to order it for a random office lunch but good thing I decided to order it as part of our family's lunch today because it is MASSIVE.

I would like to thank the 7 crabs for their service

This is a giant mound of crab meat, 1-inch high and snuggly fits half of an 8-inch plate. Now put that in a thin french crepe and now coat that with crispy craggly bits of egg. The sauce was a perfect pair--sweet, sour, spicy, cooling. Please sell the sauce.

It was very good. Light and crispy, crab-forward, egg-forward, chili-forward. You really won't understand how good the plate tastes unless it's in your mouth. :(

If there was a rice plate version that was a bit smaller (maybe 4 crabs) I won't hate myself if I buy it every week.

We travelled to get our order, and the omelette was back in fighting shape after 2 minutes in the toaster. Thanks Andie!

Who knew crab could be like THIS?!

My mom isn't so much of a international cusine enthusiast but I was able to convince her to buy this one so we could eat crab, since something not-so-common within fastfood. 🦀 The customer service and delivery system is top-notch and we were able to get this within hours. Needless to say - we loved it. We love the omelette on its own, and at first I was the only one who tasted the sauce, only to find out it's spicy, so I offered it to my mom. (Didn't read the description 😅) What we realized is that there is a reason it's served the way it is. Every part of the dish makes it what it is - you can't skimp the green chili sauce and the lime, as it makes the dish and the experience infinitely better. Definitely a winner in my book, our dinner was solved!

I think I died and went to crab heaven

They mean it when they say "JUMBO." Was able to share this with 2 more people, although if we're being honest it was so good that I wished I could have it all to myself. SO. MUCH. CRAB. If I could live inside this omelette and eat my way out, I would.

Appreciate the great customer service and no-hassle delivery process too!


Delicious Thai food for lunch from @eatflowerboy 🇹🇭 🇹🇭 🇹🇭 the crab omelet and crab fried rice are soooo good 🤤🤤🤤 plus points too for very good customer service and easy order/deliver process from @eatlowbrow 📱 📱 📱

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