Menu Update: New Food in Flowerboy (Feb 2020)

For those unfamiliar, Flowerboy is our fake Thai eatery located at The Grid, Power Plant Mall, Makati. We’re stall 3!

Crispy Egg Omelette

We’ve always wanted to add Thai fried eggs (khai jiao) and here they are.

The exact opposite of French-style creamy scrambled eggs, Thai-style eggs are whisked into blazing hot oil causing it to crack, blister, splatter, and pop. The tiny explosions form crispy nooks and crannies that create a light, crispy omelette with an incredible texture.

Typically, khai jiao is usually served as one giant disc that covers the entire plate, but we decided to break it up into smaller pieces for easier chopsticks handling. We’re still in a food court so we expect this to be shared.

Our crispy egg omelette is delicious: salty, aromatic, and savory. It also pairs incredibly well with our signature green chili sauce so make sure to dip it for some brightness.

Price: P240

Crispy Egg Salad

This dish doesn’t really exist, and it’s something that we threw together spontaneously. We thought that the the crispy eggs had a nice spongy structure ideal for absorbing a flavorful dressing. Why not soak it?

We made a sweet, pungent, vinegar-based dressing similar to nuoc cham, let the eggs sit in the liquid for a minute, and then finally throw them all together in a plate with some cucumbers, carrots, peanuts, toasted rice, and cilantro. For something that contains such a high amount of protein and fat, this crispy egg salad manages to feel fresh and light when eaten.

Price: P190

Red Vegetable Curry

Vegetables almost never become popular hits, but we like to have a balanced menu.

A variety of vegetables picked for texture, color, and flavor, cooked gently in our house-made red curry, our Red Vegetable Curry doesn’t need a lengthy explanation.

Price: P290

Crispy Pork

We had a fancy and pricey crispy pork in our menu for almost a year that nobody was ordering. We got too pretentious (lol) with it by doing a 16-hour sous vide bath, then flash-frying it upon order, but it just wasn’t as coming out good as traditional moo krob. It sucked. It just took a while for us to admit it.

We yielded and did something closer to the real thing. We came up withour version that we cook thrice: boil, fry in low temp, and fry in hellfire. With this method, we’ve achieved a juicy cut of meat and a thick, blistered, and shattering crackling skin. We put the meat on top of papaya salad so you have something fresh to bite in between the fatty pork.

Price: P290

Thoughts and suggestions?

There’s always a way to make food better. We never stop experimenting because we don’t believe that what we’ve done is the best that we can do. If you’ve tried any of our dishes and have feedback for us, we’d love to hear it. Also: if you’d like to see something on our menu, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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