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Chicken Pad Thai

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"bUt iT's nOt aUtHeNtIc"

If you go to Bangkok and sample pad thai from shop to shop, you'd be surprised with the eye-popping varieties. Most go sweet and sticky. Some go fresh and bright. A few go full-on hellraiser in your mouth. Makes you wonder what authentic means.

We make our Pad Thai the way we like it: savory, rich, only mildly sweet, and full of umami. We burn the sauce for a smoky flavor. The glossy rice noodles get tossed over high heat for "wok hei," creating a complex aromas. You get a crispy egg on top. Our customers say this is the best Pad Thai in Manila!

Allergen information: Contains peanuts. May contain traces of shrimp and shellfish from interactions with other food.

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Chicken Pad ThaiChicken Pad Thai

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
go-to meal

Really like this one because most places make it too sweet for my liking. It's also good for sharing unless you're like me who can finish it in one go 😆
Will always be back for this!

shaun d.

This really brought me back to the streets of Bangkok! You can never really go wrong with pad thai but this is probably on top of my list. It had a perfect mix of flavors and goes really well with the Thai Iced Tea. 5/5

Marcus M.
cravings satisfied

Wild craving for pad thai the other day and decided to go with this! The noodles came a little but clumped together but reheated them according to instructions and came out looking good as new.

@spice fanatics, request for extra chili bc if you love your noods spicyyyy

Packed with different ingredients

EXCELLENT. Most Pad Thai I've eaten usually has some missing ingredients such as tofu. You can imagine how happy I was when I found this Pad Thai came with tofu since it's my favorite food. t was soaked and fried to perfection and blended with the rest of the dish perfectly. Got this for my anniv with my partner, we didn't have room left for dessert! Five out of five stars for this intricate dish 🤩

Best I've ever had!!

Pad thai is one of my comfort foods and honestly speaking, I've never really had bad Pad Thai. This Pad Thai hits different. My friend ordered it when she slept over and it changed the game for us both. It's smoky but maintains its spice and sweetness. It doesn't leave too well in the cold though, so it's best to eat it right away. Try getting it with the Thai Iced Tea or Mango Sticky Rice! Stuff is the bomb.

Rina R.
Party in my mouth - sorry mom!

I usually like different food in my mouth at the same time to get a mix of different flavors but I didn't need that with this baby!! You got a variety of sweet, spicy, nutty, sour, and umami going on in a super hefty, filling dish. I originally got it for sharing with my mom but I ended up not telling her and having it for myself 😅🤫

Lorenzo Tan
This was that good good

I never visit The Grid without an order of chicken pad thai. It's a must. Ordered again recently and it's still A+! Medj greasy lang when it got to my house, but that's par for the course since stir fried naman siya.

You can never go wrong with this one

When I can't decide what I wanna eat, pad thai is one of my go-to dishes. Of all the takeout pad thai I've had, this one reigns supreme! 🤩Arrived in perfect condition + stayed warm. love it. ❤️

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