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Beefier Reuben

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Our take on the well-loved deli sandwich. Our reuben is made with small-batch artisanal corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, sourdough.

Can be shared between 2 people (or have it all to yourself!)

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Beefier ReubenBeefier Reuben

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Out of everything I got, this was the family fave!

I usually grab something from Low Brow when I need a comfort meal after a crazy work week (like how my officemates and I used to dine in Fowlbread pre-pandemic).

The food is amazing as always. This was the first time I didn’t order my usuals (garlic noodles, chicken sandwich, and pot stickers from Fowlbread) and I’m so glad I did it.

Out of everything I got that day, the Reuben was the family fave. It was soooooo good! My family is big on sandwiches and this definitely ranks pretty high up on our list. I feel like it even replaced Fowlbread’s Chicken Sandwich as my top pick from Low Brow. So hard to decide on what to get when I order again because everything is so good!

Thank you so much and more power to your team, from your dishwashers to your CEO. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy! 😊

Frances M.
100/10 would definitely recommend to friends and family!

The Reuben was so good and so filling that I almost didn’t want to share. I love savory food, so the sandwich was perfect for me. The bread was soft and buttery. The beef was seasoned so well.

I got the sandwich for free this time (THANK YOU!!), but I wouldn’t hesitate to pay full price for it next time. And as usual, service was top-notch. Everything I order from the Lowbrow Shop always arrives on time, if not earlier. 👌🏻

Juancho Luna
I wish I was in Nuu Yohk

But I feel like this is what reuben sandwiches would taste like if I was there in NYC! I've always craved those sandwiches from Katz's and I feel like this is what they would have tasted like !! I'll write another review one day once I actually visit NYC and try a Katz's sandwich to see which is better.

To quote Naruto Uzumaki: "Believe it!"

Enzo Tan
Same Old Love 🥺

I've been a Hole In The Wall stan since it first opened! My favorite order there was Mr. Delicious' Reuben. It was my intro to the beautiful combo of nicely toasted bread, juicy corned beef and sauerkraut. This week I was super craving a good Reuben, and luckily, Beefier had me covered.

I super loved the rich flavour of the corned beef, cut through with a nice zing from the sauerkraut and mustard(?), but what hooked me in was the perfectly toasted cheese which I didn't expect. That added nutty, smokey bite takes this sandwich to whole new heights.

Good sandwich

I really liked the way that all the flavors played with each other in the sandwich - super sarap! The bread was really nice too. I can imagine having it plain with just butter in the mornings for breakfast. Would you please consider selling loaves of it? Hehe


Few things hit the spot like a good sandwich, and Beefier's Reuben is a great one!!

Mouthwatering Corned Beef topped with a touch of Sauerkraut for a bit of acid, and slathered in Russian dressing for a boost of Tanginess, all tucked between a beautifully toasted Sour Dough bun..

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