We have open positions!

Quarantine Note: We’re temporarily paying our team a reduced salary due to extremely difficult circumstances. People we hire right now will also temporarily receive the same treatment for fairness.

We’re looking for someone who can run our core team’s day-to-day operations. This includes matters of finance, logistics, organization, and project management.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Oversee monthly financial statements together with our accounting department.
  • Organize and direct the flow of cash within the company.
  • Make sure payments and bills are always updated and accurate.
  • Work together with our 3rd party partners such as delivery services, POS suppliers, and equipment suppliers.
  • Coordinate online customer requests with restaurants.
  • Manage small and different types of projects related to our restaurants.

Skills & Prerequisites

  • Optional, but helpful: any kind of education or experience in finance/accounting.
  • Perfectionism: gets anxiety from getting details wrong.
  • Likes numbers and spreadsheets.
  • Has a great memory.
  • Enjoys working with teams and people.
  • Can eventually move into a leadership role.
  • Loves being in the middle of things.
  • Enjoys process-oriented work and directing of data and operations.

Job Details

  • Salary range: P18–28k net, depending on skill and experience.
  • For notes on how we choose people, please read the information below this page.

To apply, read the information below and see the details under “Next Steps to Get Hired.”

We’re looking for someone skilled with both written and verbal communication, and can serve as the company’s public liaison across several channels: media & influencer relations, social media, and digital customer service.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Build, maintain, and leverage relationships with influencers and the media.
  • Create content for social media.
  • Generate monthly marketing campaigns.
  • Write the monthly newsletter.
  • Take photos of content and events.
  • Respond to emails to the company.
  • Coordinate customer service with our management team to assist customers.

Skills & Prerequisites:

  • Writing: specifically feature and copywriting.
  • Persuasion.
  • High emotional intelligence and self-awareness + great social skills.
  • Decent photography skills.
  • A genuine concern and commitment to connect with people.
  • Up to date with technology and pop culture.
  • A degree in communications/marketing help, but are not necessary.

Job Details:

  • Salary range: P18–28k net, depending on skill and experience.
  • Fresh grads are more than welcome.
  • Other details are listed below.

How to Apply:

  • Read the section below “Next Steps to Get Hired.”
  • Answer this short test.
  • Copy the test’s contents to a new document, save it as a PDF, and attach it to your email.
  • Make sure to include your public social media account, which we’ll be checking  to evaluate the quality of your content.

We’re always looking for great people to work with. If you’re interested in joining our team, make sure to read all the contents of this page.

How We Choose People

Choosing people to work with isn’t so different from choosing a life partner. You avoid superficial traits, you look for connections in several places, and you plan long-term.

In Lowbrow, our rule of thumb is to only work with people we like and respect. That will only play out if everyone practiced kindness, self-awareness, dependability, honesty, and a genuine concern for the well-being of the team.

Culture Fit

This is not about how similar our favorite TV shows are. Do we value the same things? Do we see people the same way? Do we have a shared view of the world?

Goals Fit

Are we both working towards the same destination? Does the company's path align with the personal path you want for yourself?

Skills Fit

Do you have the innate talents to get the job done? If not, do you have the tenacity and curiosity to pick it up in the shortest amount of time?

Needless to say, we place considerable weight on individual performance. To reach our goals, we need the right people in the right jobs. Our search will always try to find the best fit.

Tolerance & Rationality

Values can be complex and winding so we won’t cover everything, but we want to get two things out of the way.

The first is tolerance. We believe people should be given the choice of how they want to live their lives. Ironically, we don’t tolerate any sort of discrimination, moral or physical: racial, social, or gender-based. We want to create a safe place to work and this means respecting people and their personal choices. (Unless those personal choices affect other people in bad ways.)

The second is rationality. We don’t bring any sort of religious or superstitious beliefs to the workplace. This shouldn’t actually be necessary to mention, but we get our fair share of over-zealous applicants.


Plenty of young people expect a lengthy, university-style curriculum when they work somewhere. We don’t do that.

In Lowbrow, we believe that you learn faster when you’re simply hurled into the pool. This means that you have to prefer googling things over waiting around until someone gives you answers. We like people who help themselves.

That doesn’t mean we don’t help people get better—we just don’t believe that classroom-style training is effective. We do train, but we do it through repetitive and frequent feedback. Our method is to just let you do the work, screw up, get some feedback, and try again. If you’re a quick learner, you’ll get better at it in no time.

Work Life Balance

We don’t have an office and we run a completely remote team, but that doesn’t mean we take it easy.

While everyone has unlimited vacations and time-offs (which we really enforce without guilt-tripping), we still maintain mandatory work hours during the weekdays to have a sense of routine.

Normally we don’t bother people on weekends and breaks unless there’s an emergency, or if your work requires it. We also don’t do all-nighters and hell sprints because those come at a steep cost. It’s counterproductive to work too hard that you start hating your job.

We have several work-life principles that we follow, but here are the 3 most important ones: (1) Work as much as you can without burning yourself out, (2) Your work is measured by your contribution, not your time, (3) The people who see work as investing in themselves will naturally advance faster than those who don’t.


Plenty of people apply for a job at Lowbrow because they think it’s fun and easy. We want to set the record straight before you jump in with false expectations: it’s not.

The work will be difficult. There will be no shortage of failures and criticism. You won’t get showered with praise. (Just putting it out there: we don’t abuse people!)

For those who want to grow and learn, this fertile soil. Our goal is to accelerate the learning of everyone in the team and pushing people tends to have that effect.

The Team

We’re a small and young team. We’re just 7 in the core team, with an average age of 25 if you don’t count the old(er) boss.

We’re a mix of business people, designers, cooks, and an unusual amount of Kpop fans. Despite our different careers, we get along very well and we genuinely support each other.

We’re well aware that most workplaces have internal politics, and we’re proud to say that we don’t. We’ve done this carefully and methodically over the years by making it a habit to talk things out and only keeping the people who won’t let the team spiral into a toxic mess.

Having a team that has your back and wants the best for you feels great, and it’s something that we can say we have.


Since we’re not a large, well-funded company, we don’t offer a lot of fancy benefits. We do have the mandatory ones: SSS and Philhealth.

Aside from that, we have:

  • The freedom to work whenever and wherever you want, mostly.
  • Unlimited vacations, no lates/absences/time-offs.
  • The peace of mind of a supportive team.
  • Company-sponsored learning materials such as books and online courses.

Next Steps to Get Hired

To get hired, we’ll need to go through an interview. To get an interview, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Read about Lowbrow so you know what you’re getting yourself into.
  • Write a short “About Me” in less than 300 words. Include any information that you think might be relevant.
  • Attach your CV as a PDF file.
  • Optional: Include your public social media accounts.
  • Send the information to with the subject: [Name / Job Title you’re applying for].

If we’re interested in hiring you, we’ll send a response within 48 hours, and set a possible interview within a one to two weeks.