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Manila, Philippines


Work at Lowbrow!

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Before you apply to Lowbrow, you have to first understand who we are as a company.

Before you even send an application in, make sure to do the following: (1) read about us, and (2) eat in our restaurants. If you jump in the interview without knowing what you’re getting into, you’re sinking your own chances.

How do we hire people? We look for drive, curiosity, self-awareness, self-learning, talent, kindness, accountability, open-mindedness, and the hunger to succeed no matter what. Also: no bigots and assholes.

Speaking of bigots, what does that mean? If you hold any views that oppress or manipulate others such as condemning the LGBT community, thinking that abortion is evil, or that women don’t deserve equal rights, then don’t bother applying.

Do I need great credentials? It definitely helps to have a great track record. If you have a history of success, we’re very interested to hear that. However, we know that plenty of talent goes unrecognized so feel free to apply anyway.

Where’s your office? We don’t have one because the internet is a wonderful thing. We meet when we need to, and we communicate and manage our projects mostly online via apps.

What’s it like working at Lowbrow? It’s a high-pressure, low-stress work environment. Everyone is expected to perform at their peak, but we don’t like agency culture where people literally die from exhaustion. We manage this by making sure that everyone gets plenty of rest, works smart (not hard), and takes control of their own schedules. We want work to be meaningful and energizing for everyone in our team.

How old are the people working there? Our team’s average age is about 26. To keep the number low, we try to always hire young people so we’re always in touch with the next generation. The fastest way to become obsolete is disregarding the voice of the youth.

Wow your site is so colorful, you guys must be so fun! We’re just dropping a trail of candies to lure unsuspecting children to a boiling pot. Our work is really fun, but it's also really challenging.

What’s difficult mean? It means you’ll never reach whatever ceiling it is you’re trying to hit. You’ll always feel inadequate and you’ll have to find ways to keep on clawing your way up. That’s how we all learn.

Wow, you’re horrible people! On the contrary, we don't like horrible people. There's a saying that goes "You're the average of the five people you spend most of your time with," and we believe that's true. We really make sure we're surrounded with the nicest and most talented people we can find. This way, we can keep on raising the bar and making sure everyone's happy and productive.

How much do you pay? We pay higher than most companies, but lower than multinational corporations. But a big part of pay depends on individual performance too. The better you are, the higher it goes.

What are your benefits? While we don’t really have a long list of benefits, the biggest one that we give is time and freedom. We don’t count vacation leaves, absences, tardiness, or any time-related metric. It’s tedious and it breeds a culture of pettiness. The only thing that matters to us is that you’re doing great work, and if you can manage that with five vacations a year, then by all means.


Exceptional talent. In the case that you’re exceptionally talented, we might make exceptions even when we don’t have job openings. If you think you can bring something to the table for any position, please send us an email: careers@eatlowbrow.com

Watch out for news in our newsletter. If there are no job openings at the moment, we send job posts in our newsletter. All you have to do is subscribe and wait for the news.