Now Hiring: Lowbrow R&D Chef

Now Hiring: Lowbrow R&D Chef

Published Jan 11 2022

We’re looking for a chef who can develop new dishes that excite people + maintain the quality of our existing offerings.


  • Develop and execute new dishes.
  • Train store staff on new dishes.
  • Manage food cost.
  • Find new suppliers as needed.
  • Maintain food quality together with our restaurant managers.


  • Cooking experience in any upscale restaurant anywhere in the world
  • Versatility in cuisines and genres
  • An interest in elevating casual food (not fine dining)
  • A competitive urge to make better food than others
  • A burning desire to excite people with food
  • Understands when to get creative and when to lean familiar
  • Organized with spreadsheets
  • Reasonable with cost
  • Communicates clearly with others

Work setup

  • You can develop food at home or in the stores during offpeak hours
  • SSS and Philhealth
  • Salary range: P18,000–30,000 net depending on your skills
  • Definitely better than any 99% of restaurant jobs
  • A positive and reassuring culture without toxic assholes

Not to scare you, but make sure...

  • You like challenges.
  • Without bragging, you think you can do better than most.
  • You can take hard feedback.
  • You can figure things out without much help.
  • You can handle high freedom and high expectations.

How to apply

  • In a PDF, send at least 3 dishes you’ve made that you’re proud of and explain why. We prefer casual food, not tasting-menu style food.
  • In the same PDF, write an “About me” in less than 500 characters.
  • Attach your CV, mention any past awards or notable achievements if any.
  • Send them to with the subject: “R&D Chef / Your name”