Now Hiring: Content & Ecommerce Manager

Now Hiring: Content & Ecommerce Manager

Published Jan 11 2022

We’re looking for a copywriter/marketer who can run Lowbrow’s ecommerce experience smoothly + grow online sales through content marketing.


  • Manage shop orders and customer service issues with CS team
  • Write and grow our bi-monthly newsletter
  • Ideate and conceptualize social media content
  • Create content for social media (mostly Reels)

Skills needed

  • Copywriting
  • An eye for composition
  • An eye for design
  • Clear communication skills
  • A gut that understands how to sell
  • Basic leadership skills
  • Adaptability because work can be chaotic
  • Can capture clear and engaging smartphone videos

Work setup

  • SSS and Philhealth
  • ~80% remote work
  • Salary range: P18,000–30,000 net, depending on your skills
  • Free nonfiction books (if you actually read them!)
  • A positive and supportive culture without toxic people

Not to scare you, but make sure...

  • You like challenges.
  • Without bragging, you think you can do better than most.
  • You can take hard feedback.
  • You can figure things out without much help.
  • You can handle high freedom and high expectations.

How to apply