About Us

We build thoughtful restaurants in Manila with high standards and a sense of humor.

We like serving food that people eat.

Tasting menus are wonderful and duck terrine is divine, but as you’re pitching these bold ideas to your hungry mother, she’s already dialed for a 6pc box of McNuggets.

The glaring divide in cookery is that the talented chefs keep on making things most people don’t eat. And the ones who need a fifth repeat of culinary school get all the fans who’re missing out and deserve better.

In Lowbrow, we want to raise the quality and experience of Food That People Eat. We like doing lowbrow food, the stuff that Chefs wouldn’t bother with, and find ways to make them better. Whether better refers to better ingredients, better techniques, better service, better packaging, or better design—we’ll make them better.

Thankfully, the bar for the type of food we make isn’t very impressive, so it’s our mission to push that up to as far as we humanly can.

Our 10 Values

Thoughtfulness. We take time to think about the smallest of details and find ways to make things better.

Hard Truths. We face reality head-on and we like getting honest and critical feedback from all directions—our peers, managers, and customers.

A Sense of Humor. A LOL a day keeps the doctor away.

Experimentation. The only way to build new things is to try new things. We’re in a perpetual state of trying.

Self-awareness. To be able see yourself as objectively as others do is critical. And to be able to embrace or improve your shortcomings makes you a much better person than someone who can’t.

Zero Tolerance for Mediocrity. We try to keep the “good enough” crowd away by surrounding ourselves with those who want to push themselves.

Freedom of Choice. We believe that all people should have the right to choose how they want to live. As long as everyone’s choices and views don’t make the lives of others worse, we’re cool with it.

Critical Thinking. In a world full of information, we still get swayed by our biases. We always try to ask difficult questions and stay in a constant state of skepticism.

Accountability. Nobody gets a free pass and everyone answers to the choices they make. This teaches all of us to make better decisions as we grow.

Delayed Gratification. Over a long period of time, it’s people who can hold off on short-term rewards who eventually came out on top. We’re in this for the long run, and we’re willing to forgo present pleasures so we can build a great future.