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Own a Restaurant from Lowbrow

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  • Our franchising process is a bit different from most franchise models that leaves the franchisee to operate the restaurant. In our case, we fully manage all of our restaurants to maintain our standards and the investor only needs to wait for the investment to return. This system works out very well for investors who want a passive investment.

  • How can I apply to invest?

    First, read through all of the information on this page. At the end, there will be a contact form which you can use to inquire or apply as an investor.

  • Do investors just invest their money?

    Yes, we’ll do all the legwork—from building the restaurant to running it. Once you invest your money, you’ll just wait for your investments to bear fruit—it's completely passive income.

  • But I want to help run the restaurant.

    As the franchisee, you can help out as the restaurant’s auditor: spotting areas that need improvement, maintaining consistency, and reporting them to our management team so we can get better over time.

    Since you're the owner, you'll be handling the collection of earnings too.

  • What other perks do I get as an investor?

    You’ll receive monthly credits to eat out in your restaurant and you get to tell your friends you own a restaurant.

  • Can anybody just apply as an investor?

    Anybody can apply, but not everyone gets accepted. We try to look for investors who can act like partners—people who are easy to work with, care about our company, understanding of our problems, and empathic towards our people. We care about our people, standards, and culture as much as we care about profit.

  • What is the best case scenario?

    If your franchised restaurant is extremely successful, you can get your entire investment back within a year or two and double your returns within four to five years.

  • What’s the realistic scenario?

    Depending on your size and location, most investments return within 3-5 years.

  • What are the risks?

    A large majority of restaurants in the entire industry shutter within the first two years. We have been fortunate to have all our restaurants still open even after five years, but all owners should be prepared for a tight market.

  • What’s the rate of success for your restaurants?

    We have not closed down a single restaurant—all of them have been and are still profitable. Of course, the level and speed of success varies depending on the concept and location of each restaurant.

  • How much does it cost to open a restaurant?

    That depends on the size and the concept. Expect to invest somewhere between 11 to 15 million for a restaurant that can seat 60-70 people.

Our Ideal Investor

Understands general business operations and has an understanding of the restaurant industry beyond fastfood.

Keeps calm during difficult moments.

Respectful of people from all walks of life and acknowledges that great companies are built by treating people well.

Trusting and easy to work with.

Invests not just for money, but for a genuine desire to build a great company with us.

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