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Hello, is it you we’re looking for?

Current Openings

  • We don't have openings available at the moment. Check back with us soon.

  • What is Lowbrow?

    If you’re not familiar with Lowbrow, the best way to learn is to take time to eat in our restaurants. Make sure to do this before sending your application so you understand what we're doing and what we want to do.

  • How do you hire people?

    We look for drive, curiosity, self-awareness, self-learning, talent, kindness, accountability, and the hunger to be the best—all of the above.

  • Do I need great credentials?

    It helps, but it’s not very important. Both of our founders are college dropouts.

  • Where’s your office?

    We don’t have one. We meet when we need to and we communicate and manage our projects mostly online via apps.

  • What’s it like working at Lowbrow?

    It’s a high-pressure, low-stress work environment. Everyone is expected to perform at their peak, but we don’t like ad-agency culture where people literally die from exhaustion. We manage this by making sure that everyone gets plenty of rest, works smart (not hard), and takes control of their own schedules.

    We want work to be meaningful and energizing for everyone in our team.

  • Wow your site is so colorful, you guys must be so fun!

    We’re just dropping a trail of candies to lure unsuspecting children to a boiling pot. Our work is really fun, but it's also really challenging.

  • What’s difficult mean?

    It means you’ll never reach whatever ceiling it is you’re trying to hit. You’ll always feel inadequate and you’ll have to find ways to keep on clawing your way up. That’s how we all learn.

  • Wow, you’re horrible people!

    On the contrary, we don't like horrible people. There's a saying that goes "You're the average of the five people you spend most of your time with," and we believe that's true. We really make sure we're surrounded with the nicest and most talented people we can find. This way, we can keep on raising the bar and making sure everyone's happy and productive.

Lowbrow Culture

L is for Loser

Our name Lowbrow is a daily reminder that we’re uncultured losers, so we always have to keep on trying.

We Want Plates

No mason jars, no donut burgers, no salted egg ube cake on a chopping board. While we’re always trying out new things, we don’t want to ride the next big fad.

High-Performance Naps

Napping is a vital part of everyone’s job. So is performing at your peak and pushing the bar higher for everyone.

Dumb Food, Done Smart

We like cooking food that most people eat—but we obsess over getting it perfect. Otherwise, we’re no better than Mcdonald’s.

Friends Fries

Work feels incredible when you like hanging out with your coworkers. We make sure we get the right people for the right friendships.

Meet Our Team

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