Bad Bird

  • Century City Mall, Makati(02) 799 2571
  • Megamall, Mandaluyong(02) 753 9729

No other dish in the existence of humanity–not steak, not hamburgers, not grandmother’s cookies–rivals the impact of fried chicken in our lives.

When the opportunity came, we felt that it was a crime not to do a fried chicken shop. It was our moral imperative. Because after you finish college and receive a piece of translucent paper to hang in your wall, what else is left to do?

Taking inspiration from Japan’s extensive use of the irrationally-feared MSG in both processed and natural forms: dashi, mushroom powder, furikake, miso, and a more, we developed our own flavored powders through a exhaustive science project. If we could extract all these intense flavors, concentrate them, and infuse them in fried chicken, wouldn’t that be incredible?

After a few months of experimentation with what resembled a lab test, we came up with a product we were happy with. In 2014, we released Bad Bird into the wild at Hole in the Wall.

Since then, we’ve sold over 100,000 fried chicken plates, won multiple awards, supplied MSG migraines, but made thousands return over and over again.

Photo of Fowlbread


  • Bonifacio High Street, Taguig

Following Bad Bird's breakout success, Fowlbread spins off the award-winning fried chicken recipe into a 90's-themed sandwich shop surrounded by an unusual mix of Sichuan flavors. Read more

Photo of Wrong Ramen

Wrong Ramen

  • Burgos Circle, BGC, Taguig

Lacking an authentic Japanese chef, Wrong Ramen proudly proclaims its inauthenticity. Selling unconventional ramen flavors you won't find anywhere else in the world, it is the most resilient local ramen shop in the entire country. Read more

Photo of Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall

  • Century City Mall, Makati

Founded in 2014, Hole in the Wall is the country's first food hall—and also the best. As food halls come and go in Manila, Hole in the Wall remains the prime flag-bearer of the food hall scene with a gorgeous space and incredible food. Read more

Photo of The Beef

The Beef

  • Century City Mall, Makati

Widely considered one of the best hamburgers in the country, The Beef serves a spartan menu with just three excellent products: a hamburger, cheeseburger, and fries. Read more

Photo of Famry


  • Century City Mall, Makati

While most people could easily identify xiaolongbaos, not many are familiar with its breadier cousin, the shenjianbao. Famry serves hot, fresh, broth-infused "bunplings" together with a bare-bones menu of minced pork rice and fruit blended soy milk. Read more

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